Oriental spirit or Nordic culture? In both cases, it’s a great treat!

Relaxing but above all purifying, steam baths (hammam) and dry heat (Finnish sauna) chase away stress and toxins. They are relaxing after physical exercise and an intense lifestyle. Kitesurfers adore them after a day on the lagoon. For you, DAKHLA CLUB opens its doors to these pleasures from 4 to 8pm.

It’s time to let go…


Our Massages & Treatments are a wonderful complement to the sauna and the hammam

Massage helps relieve tension. It prevents stiffness and soothes any muscle tightness after kitesurfing. It calms and soothes as much as it increases the body’s awareness and encourages energy circulation. It improves our self-esteem and helps open our minds. Massages are a wonderful complement to the sauna and the hammam.


On form 24 hours a day.

Inside the Spa & Fitness building, DAKHLA CLUB guests have free access to the gym at any time. Large windows open onto the hotel gardens so you can exercise in a natural environment. Open-air cardio and weight training! All our machines are latest generation.

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